Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey people!! How's it been? I've been off again shey? Don't mind me,my station actually organized a 42km Integrity Marathon race and everyone was busy. Well I'm actually blogging today strictly because of the forthcoming elections,in fact to be precise;the National Assembly elections.
To start with,I've never voted before so this is the first time it's likely i do. Secondly,someone close to me is contesting thus the anxiety from my end. Why the anxiety,I'll sometimes ask myself? He's a politician for crying out loud,so don't bother yourself if he loses or wins. I wish i wasn't bothered this much. Elections have come and gone and never for once have i had goose bumps, never for once have i been scared. To a non-Nigerian reading this,you might be wondering why I'm scared. Well,i actually work in Ibadan,Oyo state and to be candid,this state is on the volatile side as regards elections. This particular candidate is a very calm/humble person. He sure isn't a violent person. But I'm thinking,what if he doesn't win? Has he ever thought of this before? What of all he has put into campaigning? Funds? Time? Resources? I'm just worried in all honesty. How i wish the INEC Chairman,Professor Attahiru Jega will be in this state on the day of the elections.
But the most important thing like i always say is this, 'if that post is yours,you'll definitely get there,but if it isn't, you sure won't smell it'.
If you're reading this,please try as much as possible to enjoin everyone to go out and vote. Let us use this opportunity to put the right people in the right positions.
And like Andrew Lack said; Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote...
I pray i come back with good news.....AMEN!


  1. Hi!!!! i pray you come back w2ith good news a new follower on your blog oh! I live

  2. Just checked your blog too @sisi yemmie!! Very nice... Now i have to keep up!! LOL
    Thanks so much for stopping by...