Friday, March 4, 2011

Working as a team? How easy is it?

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! It's FRIDAYYYYYY!!!! I'm sorry,wassup people!! How's your day going? Glad to be here once again...
Well,should i be blogging about this in the first place? I think i should;it will help in easing my stress (I don't want to say pains). Why did i decide to blog about this issue? Well,i stumbled on a quote that was re-tweeted by someone i happen to follow on twitter and it says "Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story." Casey Stengel. That quote really got to me. I felt like 'oh,someone has walked this road before? So I'm not strange or difficult after all?
Working as a team has never been my style. To start with,it makes me get unduly defensive. Then, i become very lazy at the end of it all;that's if the defense tactic doesn't work. Please,don't misconstrue this to mean I'm difficult. The few places I've worked in my few years on earth,I've never had course to work with or as a team. (Un)Fortunately for me,this is my true personality. I enjoy myself a whole lot. I'm not really down with others in my space.I deliver better as an individual,but as a team-I'm sorry,i just don't get it. Group assignments way back in school always repulsed me. I always ended up doing everything for the group.Sure I work in a standardized working environment,I should have cultivated the 'team spirit' but it's quite difficult for me to do. I know some people sure understand this side of me but unfortunately,they don't work with me. (smile). I've been labeled all sorts at work but I wish they could just take a minute to come down and see things from my own perspective. That's why i don't keep much friends around me. Some people think me difficult but honestly I know I'm not. I love dialogue and i hate assumptions. Don't just assume I'm this all cause i had an altercation with someone and he/she reported me to you first. I rarely do the first reporting;even at home. That's why i end up being misjudged a lot.
Who exactly am i? I'm just an average girl who doesn't pretend to be fine when she's not. I'm just a regular girl who hates snitches. I'm just an average girl that loves her space. I'm just an average girl with a couple of flaws that i expect people to understand i have. I'm the type who'll be mad at you and let you know straight up. Oh yes! I'm blunt.
Gosh! I feel like I'm whining (I can see Ronke replying that 'oh yes you are'!!) LOL
But i enjoy having fun o! I'm very cheeky,playful,restless and a whole lot more that my so called 'judges' don't know.... *Ronke,tell them* LOL

Allow me to usher you into a fab weekend with this Friday Track of mine by
Nick Jonas and The Administration - Who I Am

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