Monday, August 2, 2010

Let our Nigerian Artists learn to perform with a band.....

I'm a staunch supporter of my naija artists and I'll fight to any length with anyone who condemns them. But the truth be told,you guys need to double up and I'm pretty serious about it. I was watching NMVA 2009 over the weekend and i was more than impressed when i watched Samini's performance;boi that dude performed with a band (and don't start yelling he's a reggae artist). I won't pardon any genre; used to make excuses for rappers till i watched T-Pain/DJ Khaled/Rick Ross/Ludacris/Snoop's performance-All I Do is Win at the BET 2010 Awards. They had a full marching band and it was a waoh experience. I thought to myself;when are we going to start this? My naija artists are getting lazier on a daily basis.

I think it's tad insulting to your fans/audience when you come on stage and the DJ plays your song for you to lip sync to it (yea,Britney does that abi? Remember newcomer Ke$ha still disses her till date cos of that). I'd rather stay at home and play your yeye CD in my room or in my car than pay to watch you mime..

I'm being objective and I'm not trying to pull anyone down but you guys should work on that. One can easily predict the stage performance of these dudes and it saddens my heart. shame your critics who say all the time that 'God bless Auto-tune'.....

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