Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!! *Like it's new*

I feel really silly typing right now. I've not blogged in a very loooonnnngggggg time;i mean for about 7months or thereabout!!! Well, good to be back anyway,so I'm saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And stop rolling your eyes jare..Lol
How's the new year been? Nothing different though but I've just been through hell and back in the past 40days i think... Health-wise,work-wise,family-wise and all. My relationship was on the verge of breaking up but i thank God for his mercies.
Now,why exactly am i blogging? I just need to talk to that person whose relationship is on the verge of breaking up....
To start with;there's no perfect relationship, so don't get it twisted please. That 'amazing couple' you admire sooo much won't be so amazing after they tell you what they are going through. So bring yourself outta that bauble and face reality. My boyfriend really hurt me mid-January and i thought that incident was going to break us. Fortunately for us,that incident actually turned out to be our strong point. I remember a friend of mine telling me to cut things off and i thought to myself;Nike,haven't you been through worse? I've hurt him before and honestly he forgave me within minutes! Life isn't perfect so your imperfect relationship isn't new. Work on making the best out of it,talk to God every time. Though in some cases,it just won't work out (it means you guys aren't just meant for each other). We all want that Prince-charming to come take us and all that but quit watching too many movies and reading Ovation magazines(LOL) and face reality.
I'll never advise anyone to quit a relationship; you alone know when to walk away and you sure need no outside push.. I'll not want to be referred to as 'she advised me to break up with him'. I'll like to help out with few tips that can help you with your relationship... *i feel like an agony aunt honestly*

* Be truthful-they say there's one thing about telling the truth,you don't have to remember anything.. If there's one thing that scares me a lot,it's distrust. I'd rather tell the truth and allow us have a brawl over it than tell a lie to avoid a brawl.
* It's not all about money-We all know money talks and bullshit walks. But i tell you one thing,money isn't it at all... It amazes me a lot when i hear girls talk about money. 'Any dude wey no get money,make him no come my side at all'.I'm always quick to reply, 'you get am? Do you have money?'It's true opposites attract. A poor girl will always be looking for a rich husband. But i tell you this,those rich boys don't even appreciate social climbers.
* Love still exists- Yes it does! If you aren't sure if you love your boyfriend/girlfriend or not,I'm sorry,may God help you because i can't. I'm a strong advocate of LOVE FIRST and i will also advise you also to put love first.
* Trust- Even when you're lying,i believe you! It doesn't make you stupid,but it goes to show you trust your partner. Some people can't recognize trust even if it slapped them in the face. The 'i-know-you're-lying-but-i-won't-say-anything' type.
* Understanding- Things can't be smooth at all times. What could be more joyful than a partner who understands? You should be able to understand when i chose to keep silent and when i decide to jump on sofas...
* Be friends- That says it all; be your partner's best friend. You should be able to do something stupid before him/her without actually looking stupid. Your partner should love warts and all....(with my smelly farts and all..LOL). You man should be able to tell you his financial status;'baby,I'm a little bit down financially' instead of acting all irritable around you. Does he see you as his friend? Think about it love......

Hope this helps out though.....

Thanks a whole lot for checking my blog out... Talk to you real soon (I promise to be constant this time around) *wink wink*

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  1. Omotomilola,just permit me to call u "my angel".
    You are wonderful with this write-up. Thanks for those tips up there. Love you!!!