Thursday, July 8, 2010

Really need to get my head straight!

I've always been the type that procrastinates real bad and I think I'm getting terribly tired of it. Have so much on my mind and plate and I've been too lazy to get them rolling. Thinking of writing a book,starting a magazine,starting an events company;funny enough I've started a little of the ground work (when i resigned my current job) but on resuming,guess i just flung everything out! It's not like i can't multitask;far from it considering my restless nature,don't just understand why I've been unduly laid back. You know at times in life you do feel like whipping yourself. My BFF was scolding me about it some days ago on our way back into Ibadan and i thought to myself,"Nike,why are you doing this to yourself?".
The excuse i was quick to give was "you need capital to get things in motion",but why not beg me to start small?
You won't believe I've written 2 chapters of the book? I'm through with the contents/features on the magazine. And the events company is almost good to kick off but i just have this annoying laid back attitude to serious things........
Someone gimmie a knock pls!

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