Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is kinda gross.......

How'd your day go? it's been a while you know? Don't mind me jare;being a bit busy.... Currently at work and saw some videos that gave me goose pimples(still have the pimples though)... I personally don't fancy pornography,hell no i don't;in fact i hate it...can't just say why i hate it till date but those close to me know i don't dig porn..
So why am i pissed? Well,a colleague of mine seem to have a porn library on his phone and he decided to show me his amazing collection.....Not trying to act holy,i decided to watch... Honestly,I've never been so disgusted in my entire life,funny enough,these weren't even foreign 'porn stars' but our dear niaja girls...The most annoying aspect was the fact that they all were in the know of the act! Where is our dignity? Must it be all about money? My colleague could actually identify a few of the dudes(said they were his friends). I honestly want to puke every time i remember those obscene videos... Do some people ever think of the future at all?
I'm not claiming to be a saint,but there are some acts i CAN'T indulge in.....

*chew me if you want*


  1. Well said maamie, am so proud of you.Fiat Justitia!!!

    Richie Kuku

  2. Okay Nike, if its so GROSS, why are you blogging about it......just curious. You really do NOT have to give topics you so much dislike your time at all. Abeg blog about deep issues. Porn has come to stay even here in naija. If only we take time to look closely around us, then we see how the thing is flaunted edlessly in our faces. Do you know how many strip clubs are in Lagos? and they open from lunch hours!

  3. Michele,thanks a bunch...

    Bode,you can't dictate to me what i have to blog on MY BLOG!If porn isn't deep enough for you,please what else is deeper? How will you feel if you saw your daughter doing it with some dude on your maiguard's phone? I'm sure you'll say "Porn has come to stay here in naija"..
    For the fact that it gives you the kicks doesn't mean it does the same to others....

  4. The gradual and disgraceful descent to local porn must have a connection with the way we have been submitting to the decadence of the West hook, line and sinker. Our society has embraced the moral permissiveness of the West and I don’t want to say that ‘we’ are loving it. So many people have even termed the lack of control to ‘modernisation’. Haven't you seen the way many ladies, young and old, bare their adornments for all to see? And even young men reveal what civilisation teaches us should be hidden in the name of ‘sagging’? Don’t you think that nudity (half or full), is a precursor to porn, soft or hard? Pornography, especially in commercial quantity, surely is an offspring of societal heedlessness. Yes, I am not a saint but people should not claim to be religious and at the same time unabashedly vote for unbridled liberty; it's pure hypocrisy - we should simply but boldly discard one and retain the other. For as long as the society continues to embrace non-censorship, and at the same time surrender itself to the pull of 'modernisation', the rise and rise of social ills becomes inevitable. Lest I am misunderstood, while it's an utopian expectation to eradicate social problems, we can at least contain them. It is in the light of containing them that I see your blog post. Hope your modest effort goes far to address this malaise.