Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Hair!

Hallo,and how's your day been? Quite formal abi?
OK,let's get down to business,remember i told i was goin' make my hair in my last post;well i did wait!
I started by asking my colleagues about the best salon i could go make my hair (forgot to tell you that I'm pretty difficult to please when it comes to my hair/clothes) and finally,our receptionist saved me the wahala by directing me to her salon in an area i wasn't familiar and pleased with;the venue makes the event you know? So i started praying on my way to the salon,serious prayers o,cos i just didn't want a look i won't be comfy with... On getting to the salon;it was what I'd anticipated;small and a weak attempt at making it beautiful was equally exhibited,coupled with the razz looking stylists,but i was already in their hands-so i continued to pray..
I decided not to go for the hairstyle i had in mind(Full-fringe,since it was obvious they were goin' give me Fringe-full),so i settled for Feathers (I'm sure the guys reading this will be tired by now).
By the time she finished (i was still praying) and i saw the havoc on my head,i almost had tears in my face! Or am i being too harsh?well i ended up not liking it even though my colleagues, especially Ronke(my BFF) are cool with it(just to make me smile,even though I'm not smiling),i honestly don't look me at all.. *still sobbing*. The whole weavon covered my face and she kept on telling me "it's fine, e file" till i yelled at her to trim it cos i won't like myself ramming into posts all cos of a yeye hairstyle..
But i did make the hair for a song;so what else did i expect? It was ridiculously cheap,so i think i shouldn't be that bitter...
On the other hand;HE likes it! *smiling sobbing*....only if i could get a refund!

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