Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Awof dey purge belle!

From the title,you can guess I'm the most irritable person on the planet right now shey? No denial,yes I am.... Alright what did you eat Nike? True to God i didn't eat much,no be say i be glutton sef o-i had about 6 balls of pof pof(small balls please),2 Spring rolls,1 piece of Chicken(alright 2 pieces;i ate Ronke's piece),2 glasses of Mango juice(that ain't bad now,no be cocktail)..ehn ehn,finish! Lest i forget,i got home pretty late so i decided to down everything with a cup of my darling Milo(The Food Drink of Future Champions;indeed)...Now tell me,where or how did i go wrong? I got to the station around 1045hrs and I'd visited the loo about 4 times before! Isn't that frustrating? All cos of a cocktail organized by my station for the BBC crew! It was a fab event honestly;i met a few nice peeps or at least they pretended to be(yea yea!).
Back to my show,well I've not been feeling myself at all,my tummy just kept on making me uncomfortable,I'm sorry if I wasn't lively at all;tomorrow's another day ehn?
Did i forget anything? Oh yes! I need to go make my hair;the style? Never made it before o! Na that one my padis dey call "arisky job"..
Talk to you once I've made it...and if it's glam!
Sign out!

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  1. lol, okay take another look at what you listed and ask yourself again: did I eat too much? Pls post up pics of the hair lets see.