Monday, June 7, 2010

Johnny just come!

I still find it a bit difficult accepting the fact that i have to do away with my jotters and start writing online(what do i mean?). Well I'm so used to writing a whole lot of stuff in jotters,so i end up having a lotta scraps in my bags (like i have a lot of OK,on a serious note,Nike so you now have a blog? You try small abi?thanks to my friend Opeyemi,i felt so bush telling him i wanted him to help me with a blog spot like it was a website or a big deal.*sticking my tongue out*
Well,I'm at work,just resumed for my shift and I've got a lot of engineers in the studio trying to fix one or two things cause we're expecting a BBC crew to work in partnership with my station SplashFM in respect of the production of an edition of BBC Focus on Africa (trust naija peeps and preparations,"awon oyinbo mbo" though to be candid,they are in my face and space! which i don't dig at all (witch).
On a normal day,I'm a fun loving person,i play a whole lot(when you catch me in the right mood),I'm a close knitted kind of person;in the sense that,i don't believe in having too many friends,too many cooks...fill in the gap! I can actually count the number of friends i have,but i love all of them...
Should be through with my shift by 4pm,but in the meantime.....lemme have fun plsssssss.....


  1. Awesome!Love the cheeky twist to your blogging!x

  2. *singing* welcome to the world, lol. just kidding. There's more to do, designing your page, linking it to your youtube account and many more. Oh and one more thing, putting your show on-line. Na beg i beg o!