Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello great people and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited you can read this post (which means you made it into 2013!!!!). That's a huge feat you know? Thank you so much for being part of my 2012, even though i wasn't all that regular as regards blogging but thanks for stopping by anyway. Thanks to those who kept on bugging me to write (Jeffrey and Cherybola, I'm looking at you two),thanks a lot for believing in me, I love you guys.

I'm wishing everyone of us the very best of 2013, we will have great testimonies to share in Jesus name. Challenges will come no doubt, but we will surmount ALL of those challenges, besides, God will not give us challenges that are insurmountable. This is our year of unlimited favours, every door we knock upon shall be opened unto us. You will be respected, accepted and appreciated.

Finally, let me share this prayer point with you. I've held on to this prayer point since 2001 (May God bless that my RCCG Good Shepherd Pasture Teen' Church teacher -Aunty Kemi I think) - May God place a PERMANENT gap between you and tragedy in Jesus name (AMEN).

Do have a productive 2013!
Love you loads.
Adenike Adewuyi


  1. Happy New Year ma'am!! Thanks for the prophetic words and the prayer!! Wishing you an amazing, exciting and great year ahead!! God bless you ma'am!!!

  2. Hey...when next r u writing? Lol