Monday, March 26, 2012

My Childhood Fantasies.

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It's a Monday afternoon and I'm at work, trying to form busy. See,I'm naturally not a Monday person,in fact I can confidently say I don't like Mondays-I'm sure Mondays don't like me either *Kanye shrug*, but while taking my bath this morning, i told myself I would try to make today a bit exciting for myself irrespective of what Monday throws my way, so here I am blogging!

While growing up,I've always wanted a very tall man and that's because I'm a short person. Am I very short? Well,all I know is you can't describe me and say 'she's neither tall nor short'-you'll be precise by saying 'Nike's short'. I'm sure God had been chuckling all this while at my 'want' cos he gave me a short man (I love him like that by the way). I've always wanted a man who'll be like 7 or 10yrs older than myself-I didn't get that also. He's barely 3years older than I am and I guess we're cool like that.

Why exactly did i want a man that old? I'll tell you why. You see, I never had a relationship with my dad,my mum single-handedly raised me(don't say sorry cos my dad isn't dead o-he's somewhere balling with his 2nd wife)so I was never used to calling 'Daddy' cos there was no daddy to start with. My mum was my mum and dad at the same time (may God bless her for me). So I've always wanted a man that will be like a mini dad to me,a man who'll look at me despite my tantrums and just shake his head and smile or laugh. I've always wanted a very mature man.

By the time i clocked 17,I realized older men were better (I never tried them out but i just had my funny theory in my head)and here's my theory. Let's assume the girl is 27 years old and she's dating a 37yr old man; a 27yr old lady right now is thinking marriage and I can tell you that the 37yr old man is more than ready to settle down- emotionally,financially and psychologically. Secondly,a 37yr old man will rarely throw tantrums as opposed to a much younger lad. Don't get me wrong,we sure have men that still act like kids out there even at 45 but can we just focus on my theory please? *wink*
Imagine a 25yr old girl dating a 27yr old guy;to start with,they are still within the same age bracket-so they can be friends sef. The dude isn't 30 so he can still be playful at this time. He sure will throw every tantrum available, he's still interested in music video girls, he's still playful, he's still an Elegushi freak (well,they say it's called 'El-Gucci' now)and settling down isn't on his scale of preference (lucky you if he has one though)- he's allowed all these cos down here,he's still 'young'.

Now to the koko; *clears throat* A 27yr old girl who's dating a 37yr old man (yes man);the 37yr old man has what it takes to settle down (unless something's wrong with his head and I'm sure that 27yr old sister should know when to move),he's comfortable,the girl has no reason to say 'we're still planning' because he's READY!

You have every reason to disagree with this post-but please state that reason,don't let it stay in you stomach o! Drop a comment OK?

P.S: I'm not a materialistic person at all and I'm being serious here. I believe in love and patience. I believe in.........Nike shut up please!!


  1. Dis is one hell of a theory,but dis is nt fair on we young lads nt all of us do wat u just said nao,but d most important tin is love and happiness,cos despite ur fantasy u stil pull out of it.I always enjoy your piece very witty and relaxing u wee sha smile sha unless u hav issues.

  2. First, wht u call theory aint one! Its really an hypothesis cos a theory is.......bla bla bla.....!!! I think its really depends on wht one wants. Having ur man taking on d responsibility of ur dad aint it. Allowing a man to makeup for wht u were starved off whn u were young makes him ur 'husband in fathers clothing'. Ur childhood might be screwed by ur dad(sorry abt dat).. Still girl its ur life to live nt making up 4 dad's luv/care & all dat... Anywayzzz stick wit ur man now and i pray we hear wedding bells ringing!!!

  3. hmmmmm.. i dont know about this your theory ooo.. i dont. but i think it makes small sense sha considering that u have not tried it out. it makes perfect sense.... on paper. in the real life, i dont think there are any hard and fast rules. if love and companionship comes and your theory is upheld, fine. if not, well, life continues.. great write-up.. very relaxing piece...