Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are men intimidated by successful women?

I'm sure by the time you finish reading this post, you might think me a feminist. But to be candid,this lady is far from it.
Well we all know there are some insecure loser guys who go paranoid at the thought of dating a woman who's their equal or (hell to the flipping NO)their superior. They want a woman who'll massage their ego,see him as her saviour,laugh at ALL his jokes (dry and funny)etc. We also know that there are some lazy,myopic females out there who actually rely on the males for money,they love a man who's got a fat account,good rides,send them to Dubai etc. We know the above exist and honestly if you'll ask me,i think they can have each other. I can't be bothered.

There’s been a lot of talk lately that successful, career-oriented women have trouble creating lasting relationships because men feel intimidated. Do you think that is true?

TIME magazine conducted a survey during the recession and results showed that more men lost their jobs than the women,so a lot of successful women are still coming on board(you'd better brace yourself for that). Traditionally,I know the role of a man in my life and in the home. Traditionally,my man should be my provider and my protector(and please do not quote the Bible)and i know that if he loses that,his pride is somewhat lost. Since time immemorial,men have been known to be breadwinners. Reversing this role could add undue pressure to the relationship or marriage.

More and more women are getting advanced degrees and pursuing their careers. And staying single. Not because they chose to but in most cases,involuntarily. Some men are quite afraid to approach successful women for a relationship,some will tell you they are more comfortable being friends with such women than delving into a relationship with them. I've also met some men in their early thirties who actually have crushes on some (Nigerian)women in power. On the other hand,women have never been intimidated by success;in fact most of us tend to flock around success,we love our men that way. This is not to say there aren't men who love successful women. I remember a friend of mine who told me 'the bigger the brains,the sexier for him'.

I also understand that some women don't help matters,flaunting their money and success in front of these men and treating them like second class citizens.
I believe a woman should be submissive(yes submissive) to her husband irrespective of her wealth/clout and to be candid,such a woman will wax stronger in success. They say women tend to forget they are women when they have cash,we always think we're males. I tell my friends this "I'm a bit old-fashioned,that's why i don't believe in gender-equality.I should complement my man not compete with him".

Someone said "the more highly educated and successful a woman is, the more unlikely she is to marry".....How true is this statement? Do you agree? Do you think our men are intimidated by successful women?

Let me know what you think.


  1. "the more highly educated and successful a woman is, the more unlikely she is to marry"...Add Humility to this mix and the Woman will be the Jewel of any man's eye.

    Most men are not intimidated by successful women... especially when they KNOW, a successful woman compliments them.

  2. Men don't envy successful women,we only applaud them..we recognise the fact that they are encouraging, supportive, and hardworking.
    We do not neglect our roles.We want to play that husband role of being able to take care of the family but we don't want a liability and at thesame time a woman that will grow wings and count her achievements and brag..
    Women need to be careful as they climb on that ladder because falling is failing.This will as well affect the home.They shouldn't forget their role in the society.They should learn to be respectful.Humility takes one to an unimaginable height.
    Dapo Egunjobi(

  3. i don't think real men envy successful women, neither do we feel they are unapproachable, it all boils down to the kind of men that woman attracts...if a woman attracts men that have complexes or attracts none at all, then she should check herself

  4. D kind of man dt envies nd would nt want 2 av a relatnship wiv a successful woman is one who hasn't bn able 2 update himself up 2 a manageable stage (i.e gud 2 go qualificatns u knw). In d actual sense, our men shld work hard 2 b in a gud positn. So,whn better women come their way it wil b an additn of GUD nd BETTER which obviously equals 2 BEST.