Thursday, December 20, 2012

5years baby!

I hope this post doesn't look cheesy. I'm pretty sorry if it does.

5years ago today, you 'officially' asked me to be your girlfriend. It's been one amazing journey. You've been my best friend, you've been my brother, you've been my partner. We've quarreled, we've sulked, we've nagged and we've loved each other right back. I'm not the best girlfriend on earth but I'm glad you took me for who I am.

Thank you for supporting my career, thanks for being my number one fan, thanks for accepting my family just the way they are, thanks for allowing me to be me whenever I'm with you, thanks for not putting me under pressure, thanks for being open with me, thanks for forgiving me when you should have let go - all in all, thank you so much for being with me.

I love you so much 'daddy' and I'll always do.

Dedicating Tyrese Best Of Me to you Sugar.


  1. Now I can start saving for my lace or ankara and gele!! congratulations once more

  2. Awwwww... *wipes real GEE tears* ..This is sweet. I want a front row seat o.. Ehn ehn.. May you guys enjoy many more years of happiness.

  3. Thanks a lot guys!!! Olumide,trust me nah. CheryB, start saving o! Lol