Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Workplace....

There's nothing worse than working/slaving on a job and you being under-appreciated. A friend of mine is going through so much at work and i feel this is the best way i can reach out to her and let her know that if the world doesn't appreciate her,well i do. She feels so under-appreciated at work,she feels she's been victimized at work and all.
The first thing that came to my mind was 'people who make life unbearable for others,how do they feel afterward? Do they feel a sense of victory after that? Do they feel bad about it?(i doubt it tho). Employers need to understand certain things;
You're not doing your employee a favor! Yes,we all know there are no jobs per se in Nigeria but you don't run a charity home so don't think you're paying me for the fun of it. I work for you and i think i DEMAND some respect if you don't think i deserve it.
If your employee isn't doing something right,call him/her to order.Help him/her to help your company otherwise,you will be at the losing end.If she's not ready to change,please fire her. Don't add unnecessary sentiments to issues.
I once worked with a private TV station for 1week (you heard me correctly,1 week!!!).The Chairman was verbally cursing everyone of us. Using demeaning words,cursing in Yoruba (you should have an idea of what i mean by now).And he'll say 'if you leave today,50 of your type will be at my gates by tomorrow morning.I'm doing you a favor by employing you OK? Then i said to myself, this man will send me to a shrink real quick.I ran away before he could say Jack Robinson. He called me afterward begging me to come back and all,and that after all we all have our flaws and i should accept him for 'who he is'. *like he was my boyfriend or something*
It's not like we all have it smooth at work;in fact far from it. My place of work isn't the best either (in fact not close to amazing). But i just believe if your employer doesn't appreciate what you do,if your employer feels he/she is doing you a favor by paying you;i guess it's high time you had a rethink about the place. How do you help yourself out when you facing so much stress at work?
I'm not the type who should be advising people on how to persevere when it comes to issues like this (I'm too restless for that). But if you're reading this and you aren't having the best of time at work,talk to God about it.That's the only person that appreciates you. Only God knows your true value.
I'll leave you with this line......I know I'm important,because God doesn't create garbage!
Love you to the bones!!!!!


  1. Yes, I'm important,because God doesn't create scrap!lol

  2. Motivating/Inspiring piece. More 'Greece' to ur knee-cap. *tongue*

  3. @Tayo,you're just a meanie!!! LOL
    Thanks for stopping by ... and @Olawunmi...